A1 profil flow syringe is a visible-light activated radiopaque flowable composite. Compares to: revolution by kerr




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APF  Thixotrophic Fluoride Flouride Gel – Mark3  (1 Bottle)
  • Superior viscosity marking it a true thixotrophic gel
  • Exceptional flavoring
  • Contains Xylitol  – a proven anti-caries ingredient
  • Also contains Vitamin E which helps with sensitivity

APF Flouride Gel by Mark3 for professional topical application as a fluoride treatment to aid in the protection against caries. It also has superior viscosity and exceptional flavoring. It is ideal for 60 second to 4 minute treatments.

17oz Bottle

Flouride Gel or Fluoride Gel


MintNeutral PH VanilaStrawberry

Additional Information

Weight1 lbs

ST Instruments USA
Finish Satin Dull

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