Stidental Instruments USA offers dental instruments of unrivaled quality & consistency to dental professionals worldwide to maximize the efficiency and profitability of their practice. We offer the highest quality instruments at competitive prices, driven by a commitment to craftsmanship and excellent service.

Stidental Instruments USA was established in 2012 in New York.  Initially, we focused New York market and our target was dentists in NY. Dental offices in NY was not familiar with our brands and our target was to introduce ourselves as quality supplier of dental instruments. Our marketing and sales strategy was to visit dental offices and explain them about quality and request them to use our samples and advise us their feedback about the accuracy of our instruments. 

The dentist feedback were excellent and all are happy and satisfied with quality and most economical price. This marketing practice help us to gain the dentist confidence and gradually those users become our valued customers. After getting the dentist satisfactions, we expand our business to tri-state area and now to worldwide.

We offer a complete range of reusable dental instruments, including explorers, scalers, carvers, composite instruments, elevators, extracting forceps, curettes, measurement probes and pluggers in solid and hollow handles. The needle holders, scissors and hemostats. All these instruments are made with OR quality stainless steel. All our instruments comes standard with 30 days money back guarantee and life time warranty.