Dental Implant Prosthetic Kit Universal | Implant Restorative


Dental Root Tip Pick Heidbrink 2-3 Universal DE

Dental Picks for braces, Dental Tools for Everyone

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Dental Picks for braces, Dental Tools for Everyone - Periodontal Scalers 

New York Base Company

Product Informations:
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    1. Product Name   : Best Dental Picks 
    2. Product Code      C-0973A
    3. Condition              New
    4. Material                Ergonomically designed Hollow Handle 9.5 mm, stainless steel tips
    5. Guarantee            30 days money back 
    6. Warranty               Life Time
    7. Usage                   Re usable after many steriliations. 


    Product Descriptions:

    • Made with high quality stainless steel for maximum hardness.
    • Used to remove the deposit of plaque and tarter on teeth. Stainless steel made sharp and pointed edges.
    • All instruments are hand made, precise, durable and professionally crafted. 
    • All our instruments are guaranteed for no rust.

ST Instruments USA
Finish Satin Dull

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