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Dental Mouth Mirror Simple Socket - Diagnostic

Dental Mouth Mirror Fancy Handle - Simple Socket

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Dental Mouth Mirror Fancy Handle - Simple Socket - Diagnostic Instruments

New York Base Company


Product In-formations:
Product Name    Dental Mouth Mirror Fancy Handle, Simple Socket - Diagnostic Instruments 
Product Code      C-0205
Condition              New
Warranty               Life time
Material                 Stainless Steel High Grade 

  • Made with high quality stainless steel for maximum hardness.
  • The characteristic features of this dental upper universal forceps displayed in this picture constitutes easy sliding below the gum line to grip both the crown and the root during the extraction procedure. The holes in the handle makes it weigh less, improve tactile sensation. Easily accessing even the cornered areas of patient’s mouth makes it convenient for both the doctor and the patient. This is made with medical grade stainless steel of high quality with 01 year guarantee. 

  • All instruments are hand made, precise, durable and professionally crafted. 
  • All our instruments are guaranteed for no rust.

ST Instruments USA
Finish Satin Dull

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